Bringing skin back to a healthy, zen-like state.

Who would have thought that four Singaporeans and a Japanese would become partners in launching a holistic skincare line? The encounter between the members of the group started when the three female co-founders of boutique branding agency, Piquant, saw amazing results to their skin through the use of what has now become the star of RE:ERTH.

Along with their other Piquant co-founder, the four Singaporeans worked together with a Japanese partner, Shinji Yamasaki, to create a simple yet extremely efficient line of skincare products that would be able to repair and restore the skin.

And thus, RE:ERTH was born. Standing for “re-encountering the earth”, RE:ERTH focuses on using nature-derived active ingredients to re-balance the skin, bringing it back to a healthy state while keeping you looking youthful for longer.

The key ingredient here is the Japanese White Turmeric, which has been found to be able to slow down the breakdown of hyaluronic acid within the skin while boosting its cellular activity and collagen production at the same time for a smooth and supple complexion, just like when you were younger.

Combined with other active ingredients such as Japanese Spring Turmeric, Yellow Turmeric, Water Soluble Vitamin A, Colostrum and Glycoproteins (extracted from the Colostrum), the formula works to brighten and soothe skin while protecting against free radical damage to ensure that skin stays even-toned, firm and radiant. Together with a patented delivery system, Lipodisq, the ingredients get delivered right to where they are needed, deep within the skin, for fast and effective results.

A truly global skincare brand, RE:ERTH products are manufactured in Japan while the ingredients have been sourced from Japan (of course), Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The line consists of 6 products, the star — Multi-Targeted Elixir (MTE), 2 cleansers — Purifying Bar and Clarifying Cleanser, a Calming Toner, a Smoothing Eye Cream and a Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

The texture of each product is lightweight and perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid climate. In fact, the lightweight MTE sinks into the skin super-duper fast and leaves no greasy feeling behind.

And unlike the usual Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise skincare routine, with RE:ERTH, you are encouraged to use the MTE right after cleansing the skin, so that the potent cocktail of ingredients gets absorbed into the skin and quickly delivered to where it’s needed the most, without any additional barrier. The rest of the products follow to soothe and hydrate the skin while sealing in all the goodness.

RE:ERTH exudes a sense of a zen, not only in its sleek, minimalistic packaging, but also in its mindfulness philosophy towards beauty.



To get an in-depth understanding about the brand and the products, Toh Ziling, RE:ERTH’s COO, gives us the lowdown:

How did RE:ERTH begin? What was the inspiration for the brand and the products?

Toh Ziling RE:ERTH started with just one product, the Multi-Targeted Elixir (MTE), when the female co-founders couldn’t stop raving about how quickly the formula absorbed into the skin — what we now affectionately describe as the “shwoop” effect, and the results we had with it. The formula works with the skin to address multiple skin concerns at once, such as pore size reduction, brightening and evening of the skin tone, skin smoothness and suppleness. The collection then grew with a singular vision — to create a minimalistic yet highly effective skincare routine for time-poor urbanites, seeking to reconnect themselves with nature, with our MTE at its core.

RE:ERTH started as a skincare project, but how did the group come together in the first place?

TZ Through the introduction of a close Singaporean friend [who put us in touch with] Shinji Yamasaki’s family in the cosmetics industry. We were very excited to bring the concept to launch after experiencing the amazing results on our skin, which in this instance, was just from the use of the MTE.

Celestine Koh, the Compliance Director, noticed skin tightening and pore size reduction after just one day, while Winnie Lim, the Marketing Director, went for her monthly facial appointment and her facial therapist was so surprised that her pores were much less congested and her extractions were not as painful. I, myself, have very sensitive skin and a long list of allergies. And after an eyebrow threading session one day, when a new rosewater, that was meant to cool and soothe skin, was applied, left my skin with a bad reaction. When I got back to the office, I quickly applied the MTE, and within hours, the nasty red bumps subsided quite a bit. The healing process, which would have usually taken two weeks, took several days instead. And that really sealed the deal for me.

How long did it take for the Multi-Targeted Elixir to be finalised, from conceptualisation to being market-ready? And what were some of the challenges faced in its creation?

TZ The process was long and elaborate. It took three years of craftsmanship, chemistry and technology to finalise the formula. We had over 1,000 Asian women take part in our study, where they would incorporate our MTE into their skincare routine — two pumps day and night, for 30 days. And the results were amazing, so we knew we had an all-rounded winner that targets multiple concerns with one easy step.

The formulation composition was investigated exhaustively and perseverance paid off. The challenge was not only to make levels of targeted actives work together in a light texture. It was also about bringing the active ingredients into the skin rapidly and safely to be at optimal effectiveness.

The core active ingredient in RE:ERTH is the Japanese White Turmeric, but which came first — the discovery of the potency and efficacy of the Japanese White Turmeric or the idea to create a skincare product to target multiple signs of ageing?

TZ The discovery of the Japanese White Turmeric.

It’s a waste-to-wonder story, where a farmer near Mount Aso, in the Kyushu region of Japan, grew the plant for its beautiful flowers, but discarded the leaves, which he felt bad about. He then brought the plant to Professor Komai, who was at that time, the Head of Agriculture at Kindai University, who looked into the plant and discovered some unique properties the plant had. He then approached Shinji’s father, who became very interested in the properties for its potential use in skincare, namely to protect Hyaluronic Acid in the skin and its ability to stimulate skin rejuvenation. So, Shinji’s father decided to sponsor further research. And that was 15 years ago.

The Japanese White Turmeric is now a patented ingredient and the plants are grown exclusively in several farms across the Kyushu region of Japan. Till today, we are still discovering new applications to health and skincare, unique to this wonderful plant.

Why was the decision made to launch RE:ERTH exclusively online, and are there plans for a retail store in the near future?

TZ Our customers are global citizens and they lead busy, demanding lives. Our desire is to be available at all times and in all places, as fuss-free as possible, just like our collection of products.

But of course, we do have plans for a few offline experiences that will be revealed in time to come.


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